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Life in Your Years Blog
This is a new blog, designed to put some "life in your years." Major topics covered include health, finance, home life, and general balanced living. Check it out! Learn how to save and make money, lose weight, plant a garden, and so forth. It is a brand new and exciting blog.

Weight Loss Ideas and Resources
This page contains weight loss ideas and resources, especially weight loss tips from David and weight loss tips from Jonathan, which combine personal stories with comprehensive, research and study based, weight loss ideas.

IMPORTANT: Guidelines for Using Alternative Medicine
This is a site I am putting together with tips I have learned over the years relating to alternative medicine. I have compiled commonsense suggestions, as well as ways to use Natural medicine without falling into the trap of extremism and falling prey to bad advice.

Health Notes
These pages consist of generally accurate information regarding the benefits of supplements for various health problems. The information is very reasonable and rates the helpfulness of various supplements. This version is brought to us by Puritan's Pride, but the information is provided by Healthnotes Inc.

Health World On-Line
This site contains a lot of information. Search over it thoroughly and you can find almost any topic, by disease, vitamin, etc.

Drug-Supplement Interactions Listed by Supplement
Drug-Herb Interactions Listed by Herb
Drug-Supplement-Herb Interactions Listed by Drug
Check out these pages, compiled by HealthNotes Inc, to find out dangerous interactions between supplements and drugs, as well as which supplements help boost the activity of certain drugs. This is an important page that SHOULD BE CONSULTED BEFORE USING ANY HERB OR OTHER SUPPLEMENT. In order for supplements to remain safe and legal consumers need to do their part to use them safely.

Fit Day
This site allows you to keep track of the food you eat and its nutritional value, as well as your activity. It is very versatile, and can be used to make detailed reports of nutrient consumption and weight loss (and its FREE!)

This site searches medical journals, and gives a synopsis of various studies. It is very useful when researching nutrients and their benefits (and side-effects). This is information contained is generally more in the realm of hard science and should be one of the first places consulted when researching any therapy.

Quack Watch
This site takes a skeptical view toward most alternatives. Dr. Barrett, the site's primary operator, seems like a medical dinosaur in a postmodern world. Nonetheless, navigate between here and the other sites, read and process the information, and use your critical faculties to reach a conclusion.

Privacy Policy

The Power of the Mind

The Mind and Health
The mind is a powerful tool. "Spontaneous remissions" and the placebo effect demonstrate this. It also explains why prayer seems to work, although prayer is even effective across distance and time, suggesting some sort of non-local facet to reality. The mind's role in health is not completely understood, but is an exciting area of research.

Supplements (Vitamins, etc)

Apples together

Every Vitamin Page
I have compiled every vitamin, pseudo-vitamin, and other substances once called vitamins, but not essential in humans. This is a neat historical page for vitamin enthusiasts. Not everything that is called "vitamin" is accepted by scientific consensus.

Puritan's Pride
Still the best place to get quality vitamins for a great price. All products are tested for potency and are always ranked at the top in independent tests of supplemeny potency. Puritan's Pride is the factory store for Nature's Bounty Corporation (they own American Health, Vitamin World, Rexall-Sundown, etc). I have been ordering from Puritan's Pride for over 6 years, and have made many of my friends customers of theirs as well. A friend of mine has been saving over 100 dollars a month since he switched to Puritan's Pride. They usually ship the order within a few days, and the package arrives in about a week. Puritan's Pride operates multiple websites, each with different sales running. Others include,, and

Healthy America
If you are looking for superb formulas for a good price, delivers. They have a one-year money back guarantee. I have found them to have the best prices on the internet, even surpassing Puritan's Pride, although they have raised their prices closer to Puritan's recently. However, I have had issues with my online orders not going through and an order delayed for a few weeks because of back-orders. They also have a somewhat limited selection right now (no cayenne, Horse Chestnut extract, or high-strength Bromelain, although their selection is expanding). Healthy America seems to be owned by Gerovita, although their formulas seem based on Puritan's Pride's formulas. They usually ship the order in a few days, and the order takes about a week from time of ordering to get to my door.

Doctor's Trust
One day I went looking for a generic alternative to Wobenzyme, and as far as I know, the only company that makes such a product is Doctor's Trust. Unfortunately, since Puritan's Pride bought out Doctor's Trust, they no longer make Movenzyme. Now, Doctor's Trust is simply another name for Puritan's Pride, and they have the same product line.

The Vitamin Shoppe
Another good supplement maker that also carries discounted national brands. Now available through I emailed Vitamin Shoppe and they assured me they test the potency of their products regularly and at different stages of the manufacturing process, assuring us that Vitamin Shoppe brand products are of the highest quality. Unfortunately, they have been less likely to discount their products recently, making their prices high compared to other companies.

Vitaglo offers large discounts on name brands, including NOW Foods. In fact they have, by far, the largest discounts on NOW products I can find. They are a high-quality company, period. I ordered a product on Friday evening, and it was shipped out that same evening!. I got my package via UPS on the following Monday. This is with their basic shipping rate! If you are ordering a brand name product, especially Now Foods, come here first!

Now Foods
NOW Foods makes quality supplements for low prices. They are an affordable, quality, brand-name supplement maker.

Health Freedom Issues

IMPORTANT: Protect Your Access to Supplements
Every so often the more regulatory oriented folks in the government want to limit access to nutritional supplements. Current laws give the government sufficient regulatory powers, and as a result, keep supplements inexpensive, yet provide processes to ensure supplement safety. This page allows you to easily contact your members of Congress to give them your opinion. Just type your zip code to start the process.

The National Health Federation
The NHF is an old organization dedicated to keeping vitamins over-the-counter. They are also strong legal advocates for freedom to choose health treatments. Former NHF president, Maureen Salaman, who wrote numerous books about health freedom and cancer, sadly recently died of pancreatic cancer.

Citizens For Health
This is a very well-designed site that keeps the world abreast of health freedom issues, including some bills currently in Congress. They make writing one's Congressperson very easy. Joining is free!

Enzymes and Enzyme Products

Wobenzym N
Click here to order discounted Wobenzym, the gold standard of enzyme preparations. The generic equivalent is called Movenzyme, and is available through Doctor's Trust.

Wobenzym Page
A site that promotes Wobenzym (Wobenzyme) and has studies done on it.

Details on Wobe-Mugos
More detailed studies showing the value of rectally administered enzymes (at 45 mg of Wobe-Mugos E preparation/kg of body weight 2x a day). For the non-international, a 150 lb human weighs about 68 kg. Rectal administration seems to facilitate better absorption than orally administered enzymes. The results of this study on rodents showed that cancers of the animals receiving the enzymes did not spread. In fact, the animals receiving the enzymes at the beginning of the study couldn't even get cancer. The ones who received the enzymes after being allowed to develop cancers all lived significantly longer than the control animals. NOTE: It looks like Mucos Pharmacy has discontinued making Wobe-Mugos. The reason, they say, is economic. Wobe-Mugos is very similar to Wobenzym, and I am sure they have decided to throw their full support behind Wobenzym, which is being used more frequently anyway.

Vitamin Shoppe Multi-Enzyme
After researching dozens of enzyme products intended for digestion (not taken on an empty stomach like Wobenzym, Inflazyme, and Megazyme are intended), this product is one of the strongest and most affordable. Factoring in price with strength, this is one of the best on the market.

Enzymes from Health Genesis
Wobenzyme is perhaps the classic enzyme supplement, but Megazyme Forte is more powerful. These are meant to be taken on an empty stomach for therapeutic purposes and not taken with food for digestion.

Enzyme University
This page has technical information on enzymes, as well as health benefits. The FAQ is helpful, as is the chemical/technical specs page of various enzymes.

Free Enzyme Newsletter
Apparently these folks are just getting started, but they produce a free monthly newsletter relating to systemic enzyme therapy (taking enzymes on an empty stomach for treatment of disease).

Biotics Research
Makers of enzyme supplements once used by Dr. Harold Manner, and sold only to healthcare practitioners.

Inflazyme Forte
An excellent enzyme preparation from American Biologics that seems to be stronger than Wobenzyme. This is a photocopied page from an American Biologics Catalog. To order Click Here

Informational Cancer Sites and Products

On the Prevention and Treatment of Colon Cancer
This is an ongoing project I have been working on related to the studies surrounding the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer.

Coley's Toxins
This is an amazing story. William Coley developed an vaccine of sorts against cancer using killed bacteria. His "toxins" produce a fever reaction that causes the body to kill off invaders, including cancer, while normal cells can better withstand the heat. The studies done on his work show amazing results. Modern orthodox science is now discovering the use of hyperthermia in cancer treatment, which is similar. Unfortunately, Coley's toxins remain hard-to-get.

Robert Cathay's Page
This page summarizes the fascinating, though unproven, theories on amygdalin (laetrile) and other cyanide containing sugars, as well as the role of enzymes in cancer therapy.

American Cancer Society
The ACS is typically either hostile or indifferent to alternative therapies. Their page is helpful still.

Manufacturer of Amygdalin. Amygdalin is semi-legal, and its use in cancer therapy is unproven. Caveat Emptor! The liquid ampoules are of questionable potency.

Cancer Metabolic Alternative Therapies
This is another amygdalin vendor. They sell the powdered ampoules, preferable to the chemically degraded amygdalin in the liquid vials.

Ralph Moss' Cancer Decisions
This is a comprehensive page by Dr. Moss, Phd, who is probably the most reasoned voice in the field. It is of importance for those interested in the subject of Alternative cancer therapy.

Cancer Guide
This is Steve Dunn's site. It is one of the better and accurate sites out there.

Apricot Kernels
These kernels are rich in amygdalin, similar to the compound "laetrile," believed by many to have anti-cancer properties. These kernels are potentially toxic, and eating more than 12 in an hour, or more than 1 per 10 lbs. of body weight/day can be dangerous.

Peter Barry Chowka's Page
This is the page of a leading alternative health journalist. He keeps up on Alternative cancer therapies and politics, and offers a reasonable approach to alt-medicine.

Cancer Control Society
An informational group. Be warned, they are slow getting information and books out to you. You often need to call back and remind them. Also, the group has declined in recent years due to infighting and other reasons. I am a member, although I rarely hear from them.

Cancer Cure Foundation
Site for information on many alternative therapies. They have a listing of major clinics, as well as complaints against each clinic and their strengths. This site seems to not be updated anymore.

Clinics offering Alternative Therapies

Note: The clinics listed below employ unproven, and according to most mainstream medical experts, worthless (and potentially dangerous) therapies. I take no responsibility for the decisions of anyone who chooses to use alternative therapies (or alternative clinics and hospitals) for cancer or any other disease. I am listing them for informational and study purposes only, and will be editing this list in the near future.

American Biologics
International Bio Care Hospital
These are leading alternative medicine hospitals and research centers. They use amygdalin, enzymes, live cell therapy, and other therapies. According to them, Of their first 5000 patients treated they had a 20% overall 5 year survival rate. Now that figure is up to 25%. Also 95% of their patients are deemed "terminal." ABH and IBH apparently used to be one and the same hospital, but Mike Culbert and Robert Bradford stopped getting along. Unfortunately, Michael Culbert passed away in 2004.

Oasis of Hope Hospital
This is the hospital founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, run by his son Francisco one of the pioneers of laetrile therapy. This clinic offers metabolic therapy and a Christian emphasis. They have the following 5 year survival rate, according to them, based upon patient records:

However, patient records must be taken with a grain of salt, and other, non-clinic studies following the Contreras hospital have found zero benefit (perhaps it is that they use amygdalin packed in water (Kemdalin), and only 6 g of it to boot). The clinic is very modern and seems patient friendly. Dr. Ernesto Contreras passed away in 2003, and he will be missed as a gentle pioneer of alternative medicine.

Bio-Medical Center
Tijuana, Mexico
US Contact-
PO Box 433654
San Ysidro, CA 92173

This clinic uses the famous Hoxsey herbal method. A film on the subject is "Hoxsey: The Quack who Cured Cancer," available from American Media (800-282-2873). Also, one study that showed negative results for Gerson and Contreras therapies found benefit to Hoxsey herbs. However, Hoxsey himself passed away from complications from cancer.

Gerson Hospital de Baja
Tijuana, Mexico
US Contact:
PO Box 430
Bonita, CA 91908

This clinic uses the methods pioneered by Dr. Max Gerson, whom Albert Schweitzer called one of medicine's geniuses. They use a vegetarian and whole foods diet, with a lot of raw vegetables. They also use coffee enemas and laetrile, Koch vaccine, etc. Here is a study done on melanoma determining 5 Year survival rates (provided by the clinic):

At the U of California at San Diego they compared 5 year melanoma survival rates of Gerson patients versus comparable conventionally treated groups. They examined 153 white male cancer patients ages 25 to 72. Here's the summary:

Published in: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 1995

Saint Marc Hospital (formerly the Manner Clinic?)
Tijuana, Mexico
US Contact:
516 W. San Ysidro Blvd
San Ysidro, CA 92173

I think the former Manner Clinic is now Hospital Saint Marc. Dr. Julian Mejia's name seems to be associated with the Hospital, and he was the head-doctor with the Manner Clinic. Also, the website loosely associated with the hospital (Cancer Metabolic) seems to belong to Cytopharma, a company owned by the Del Rio brothers, who had a connection to the Cydel Clinic and the Manner Clinic. Cytopharma also manufactures amygdalin. I can't find Dr. Mejia's name listed on the Saint Marc hospital website above, but the photos don't have names attached to them. I could be way off on this, but it looks like there is a Manner Clinic connection to the Saint Marc Hospital.

This clinic uses, on humans, the method of treatment that caused a 90 percent complete cure of cancer in rats in Dr. Manner's famous study in 1979. However, the amygdalin doses used in Dr. Manner's study were higher than often used on humans, and the enzymes were injected into the animal tumors, as opposed to delivered orally as is usually done at most human clinics. The Manner program used at the clinic consists of slow-dripped 9g/amygdalin powder mixed immediately prior to IV administration, 25 g Vitamin C IV, DMSO IV, Vitamin A, and Enzymes. Here are the 5 year survival rates by cancer according to data provided from the clinic (so take with extreme caution):

Remember, most of their patients are terminal.

Stella Maris Clinic
Tijuana, Mexico
US Contact:
PO Box 435123
San Ysidro, CA 92143

This clinic also uses Manner Methods, which includes amygdalin, enzymes, vitamin A, Vitamin C and DMSO. Alvarez worked with Manner, so it is probably like the Manner clinic.

Nicholas Gonzalez, MD
Dr. Gonzalez's enzyme treatments are now being studied by the NCI because of his success in extending the lives of pancreatic cancer patients. If the study goes positively for pancreatic cancer, it will probably open the door to research into other cancers.

Before Using Amygdalin:

Amygdalin (Laetrile) is an unproven cancer therapy, whether as the cancer preventative "vitamin B17" or as a control for cancer. Amygdalin is the correct chemical name of what is commonly called Laetrile. Laetrile is a patented mixture of amygdalin and other substances that is no longer available. These are my opinions only, and are based on my extensive reading on the subject, including almost every study done with amygdalin. Amygdalin research to me shows a few things:

As to the chemical quality of amygdalin, some companies sell 10cc injectable vials with 3 grams of "amygdalin/laetrile" in them. I use quotes because 1 gram of amygdalin, as specified in the Merck Index, will not dissolve in less than 12cc of water. So 3 grams dissolving into 10cc of water is either, a) degraded amygdalin, or b) falsely labeled. Laetrile supporters believe this amygdalin, if you can call it that, has very little activity (its not even known if real amygdalin has much). The Cytopharma company remedies the problem by manufacturing pure amygdalin powder, to be mixed in sterile water immediately prior to injection. This seems to retain near 100 percent potency. The Manner clinic uses this brand. However the amygdalin had to be potent before mixing, so ask the amygdalin manufacturer for a full lab report that proves their amygdalin is amygdalin. For complete information go to The Therapeutic Amygdalin Paper which is essential reading for anybody using amygdalin. In this article the promoter and synthesizer of Laetrile (which contains amygdalin), Dr. Ernst Krebs Jr., writes about the chemical properties of amygdalin.

Puritan's Pride Offer Banner

Health News

Final Disclaimer

I have made available this site because I am interested in the topic. I do not "endorse" alternative therapies, products, or clinics. I simply am putting forth my what I have discovered through ten years of research. My theories on alternative medicines often differ from the actual practitioners as well as from the naysayers, because I attempt to integrate all the research (positive and negative) into a viable hypothesis. I think some of the therapies might have merit. Others are worthless. If you are choosing a therapy RESEARCH!!! Talk to your doctor, go to both positive and negative sites, and be skeptical of statistics given by the hospitals themselves. I am not a doctor, and am prescribing nothing here. Do not forsake your orthodox doctor, and for God sakes, don't let a website alone convince you how to pursue a major decision like cancer treatment. Products on this page have been chosen for their quality, potency, and price. When I link to a product, know I have attempted to find the lowest price available.

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